Jessica Leavell, Ph.D, 

Pediatric Neuropsychologist 

*Please note I am no longer completing full neuropsychological evaluations. However, I continue to provide developmental and educational consultation services and second opinions via record review for those living in Massachusetts. Second opinions may include limited virtual testing. I can help you or your child understand diagnoses, answer general developmental questions, and support you through the IEP process. All services are conducted virtually. This service is not covered by insurance but in light of the current financial environment I have lowered my fee.


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Finding Light 

About Me: I am a pediatric neuropsychologist with nearly 15 years of experience in assessment and consultation for children with developmental disorders.

I sub-specialize in early childhood evaluations (age 1 to 5 years) for children whose parents and educators have concerns about their development.  I have extensive experience with autism, language disorders, global developmental delays, attention deficit disorder, and mental health difficulties of early childhood. I provide recommendations for evidence-based supports and services. 

I am devoted to helping children find their strengths so that they can live their best lives despite their struggles. I am also a strong advocate for families who are often overwhelmed by the process of navigating school systems and attaining the most appropriate services for their children. 

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What is a Neuropsychological Evaluation?

What is a Neuropsychologically-based Educational  Evaluation?